JRiver Media Center for Linux


JRiver is porting Media Center to Linux. Learn more below, or purchase early and receive a discount.

Purchase (early bird special)

You can take advantage of the early bird price by purchasing Media Center for Linux now:
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Our Plan

  1. The license for the Linux version will be separate from the Windows and Mac version.
  2. Initial releases will have a 30 day timeout. There will probably be several of these.
  3. The final price will probably be the same as the Windows version ($49.98).
  4. The Early Bird price will be $24.98, with no refunds offered, so don't buy it unless you're sure.
  5. It probably won't be dependable for daily use for the first 3 months.
  6. It will be audio-only for the first year.

The first public preview release is scheduled for late 2013, and will be made available on Interact.

Follow development and learn more on Interact (our forum).