Quotes from JRiver Customers


We're very proud of what our customers think. JRiver Media Center often gets a very warm welcome. Here are a few of the comments. Thanks to our customers.


Red Oct doing everything automatic (working with Madvr and using LAV CUVID) is fantastic for users like me. It just works.

I'm loving all this work you guys are doing on video playback/red october. Video playback is a much better experience for me than it used to be pre Red October. Thanks!

just wanted to say that I upgraded to MC 16, loaded a BD in the drive (have AnyDVDHD already installed) and it just worked!!! Thanks to all that worked on this and made it as easy as watching a DVD, well worth the upgrade price just for that. As a note, MC is one of the few programs that I continue to upgrade with each release (since MC11 I think), many other programs I have purchased have dropped by the wayside after a year or so to be replaced by something better. Great Work!!!

The product could hardly be more differentiated, it is, hands-down THE best audio player around, the best video player, the best data manager I've used, including on some projects it was never designed for. It plays any file, on any zone, from nearly any hand held device. it's outstanding, or differentiated already. the customer has decided (to what degree I do not know, I have no idea of J River sales numbers) that they cannot see enough value within 30 days with the tools available to them to justify a purchase. If it were easier for them to see the value, I suggest that more would purchase the software. I do not think that the software can be made THAT much better to overcome this hurdle to the vast majority of potential buyers. This is my opinion.

J River Media Center - mind officially blown

I realize I'm kinda late to the party with this thing (it's at v15!), but I just installed J River MC 15 last night, and it has blown my freaking mind :-)

I only found it thanks to an article linked here. Think of it as a faster, sound-quality-centric iTunes that you won't loathe using. It exceeds iTunes, feature by feature, and I keep finding more and more things it can do. Among my favourite features: - ASIO driver, and lots of resampling control. Even with no processing, it sounds better to me than iTunes. - Multizone from each client.. all network controllable intelligently. Can select 'play in zone [blah]' from any client - Theatre mode optimized for MCE remote control. Looks *gorgeous* on my plasma. - Built in IR blaster control for my AVR / TV - Room correction, crossover, live and intelligent muxing / demuxing of sources all as options - Seems to be grabbing artist artwork in the background.. playing music in theatre mode shows all this gorgeous HQ artwork from *somewhere* - meticulous metadata / tagging control - browsing modes are varied, and superb. Does cover flow etc much better than iTunes (at least on pc!). This thing has, quite simply, helped rekindle my love of my digital music library. I've done nothing for the last 24 hours or so but listen, tag, explore etc (with a couple of short naps in there somewhere). 30 day full feature trial, and US$50 to buy after that. I'm sold already. Take a look if you're still labouring under Apple's yoke :-P I'm not easily impressed by music librarians, but this is something else!

MC is for multimedia playback as Lightroom is for photo editing

The first thing I noticed is that JRMC already solved one of my particular problems...subtitle playback and the honoring of the "forced" flag. JRMC plays back subs in both .IDX format (even at resolutions higher than 720X480, something that my Sage HD300 cannot do) and PGS format (something that my current HTPC setup cannot do), AND it honors the "forced" flag (thank God!). So far, for playback of my .MKV formatted remuxed Blu-ray titles, JRMC just works, and works incredibly well, right out of the box, a major breakthrough in my opinion. As far as media management and display is concerned, one of the posts I read suggested simply using Media Browser and launching JRMC as an external player, much the way we (or at least some of us) do now. Though I haven't tried it as yet, just because my entire theater is down for the moment because of a failed pre/pro..., this seems like a very easy and effective solution for the time being. Like everyone else, I would like to use JRMC as a single solution for all of my needs, including media management, but being the lazy SOB that I am, I would also like to see something that works in a more familiar way to what I am used to, like Media Center Master and Media Browser. Learning yet a whole new way to deal with meta data at my old age is just too much like work... Regardless, it didn't take me any more than about 1 hour after I installed JRMC to decide that it would be my new player of choice, so as far as I am concerned, $50 is a steal for a player that works as well and sets up as easily as JRMC does. Kudos to Jim and the gang for a program well done!
Bob Sorel, AVSForum

JRiver does everything in its 64-bit audio path and makes sure that the highest quality is maintained. I removed AC3Filter a long time ago. Go to Player > DSP Studio and make sure the Output Format is set to whatever you need. That is where you set the number of channels. The JRSS mixing is a very high quality matrixing system that I think is better than Dolby ProLogic IIx. If you want to use a subwoofer and bass management, set the Subwoofer to Silent in Output Format and use the Room Correction DSP for advanced Bass Management. You also set the speaker distances and levels in Room Correction. The DSP has to be checked in order for it to be active.

Wow, its been such a long time since I've been back in this forum. I've got myself a Macbook Pro and an iPhone and was stuck with iTunes for a long time but recently, I've gotten myself an Android phone and decided to try using JRiver Media Center in Parallels. I've to say, I've no idea how much I missed JRiver Media Center until I start to use it to manage my music again! Even in Parallels, it is faster than iTunes! Just have to add, since 15, 16 has definitely quite a huge performance increase and everything runs so smoothly even in Parallels. Using Media Center in Coherence with Noire Glass skin is just such a treat.

this is the best piece of software for the money I have ever purchased.


The reason why I love JRiver MC is that it makes tinkering (optimisation?) easy. This forum is *so* helpful both from the Dev team, but also just from users general experience. It feels like a great 'community'! I hope I can help others over the next few months/years as I gain experience in using MC as I'd like to put back in what I have got out of it.
Sandy B Ridge

LOVE the playback engine. WASAPI audio, EVR/madVR video, and PGS subtitles (is there a way to toggle subs via the remote?) plus everything just sorts itself out with the DS filters. You guys have really created something very special!
-- Andrew van Til, Senior Editor, Missingremote.comi